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ITAA Comes Out Against VoIP CALEA

A group of Internet pioneers, including Vint Cerf, has authored a paper critical of the FCC CALEA requirement for VoIP.   After outlining the considerable technical difficulties involved in implementing the FCC requirement, they also commented:

Voice over IP is the immediate target of the FBI’s CALEA efforts. The Internet architecture is rich and flexible, and VoIP is not the only real-time communication in which Internet users indulge. Current real-time applications include Instant Messaging, massively multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPGs) — even music “jamming” sessions. IM and MMORPGs represent huge markets. These communication types fall under the wiretap laws, even if neither the FBI nor the FCC has currently sought to include them in the CALEA requirements.

Speaking to PC World, later, Sun Security Chief Whitfield Diffie said, “These things do not respect borders. It’s very hard to see how something of this kind can be done both effectively and securely.”

Worth a read.

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