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Telco 2.0

Simon Torrance dropped me an email today, letting me know about Telco 2.0, a website, a manifesto, a blog, a report, and a conference.  It’s the full meal deal if you’re a carrier trying to figure out how to be relevant, rather than roadkill, in the future. 

From the opening paragraphs of the manifesto:

We are a collection of like-minded telecom practitioners and stakeholders: investors, managers, analysts, consultants, suppliers and customers.

The telecom industry was structurally stable from the early days of the telegraph and telephone systems through to the arrival of mobile telephony, despite rapid technology change and varying fortunes of individual players. We now see a need for change in the industry to reflect a new world increasingly unlike that experienced before.

The “like-minded telecom practitioners” include our good friend Martin Geddes.

Further on in the manifesto they make their position clear with this statement:

“Telco 2.0” defines any business model where connectivity is supported by a sustainable economic model. This means the end of artificial cross-subsidies between services and connectivity. We assume an all-IP world where choice of applications, devices and platforms is entirely driven by user preference. Connectivity charges will increasingly reflect actual costs of delivery (unlike, say, mobile roaming charges); relatively trivial services like standard voice call routing are effectively free; and thus the scope for the latter subsidising the former ceases to exist  Customers will only take your replacement offering because they want it, not because they have no choice.

They aim to help telecoms players rethink existing business models so they can succesfully transition to this new world.  Good stuff, and likely very lucrative too (Martin has a family to feed, you know!).

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