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Skype Comes of Age

It’s been an interesting week for Skype observers.  The Skype/EBay conference has been happening in Las Vegas all week, and it has the feel of a coming of age.  We’re starting to see the first fruits of the acquisition, and it’s exciting.

First, look at the EBay Devcon website.  This could be a Microsoft developer conference, and the Microsoft conferences are the gold standard by which all developer conferences should be measured.  It’s professionally organized, with great speakers, and a packed agenda.  Most importantly, if you look at the schedule, a large number of the sessions have the presentations already posted.  In todays internet world, that’s just smart. 

Second, the much ballyhooed integration between EBay and Skype is starting to come together.  TechCrunch reported last night that sellers in a variety of different categories (mostly ones where EBay feels there is a high touch component), will have the option to add a Skype-Me button to listings.  If this is successful, presumably it will become an option for all sellers in the future.

Third, Skype has finally started to give us a real taste of where the future will be.  Whether that’s the various roadmaps that were offered at different times throughout the conference, or the tantalizing glimpses of a future Paypal / Skype integration (something which I have been advocating since 2003!), Skype is starting to embrace it’s ecosystem, and offer a strong indication of where the future will lie.  Incidentally, Skype announced they would do the PayPal integration last September when the acquisition was completed, and showed the same screen shots in May.  It makes you wonder whether they’re feeling a little uncomfortable with all the GBuy talk idly floating about.

Fourth, it’s the true beginning of the EBay / Skype developer ecosystem.  Saturday morning’s sessions kicked off with a speech from Jason Steinhorn and Kumar Kandaswamy, titled EBay Platform Roadmap.  In it they revealed that EBay’s developer ecosystem is 30,000 strong.  Those developers are hearing the same pitch as Skype developers, and vice versa.  There were several other similar speeches throughout the three days.  Watch for some very interesting software to come out of this marriage.

Sitting on the sidelines, it seems that there is focus coming to the Skype / EBay marriage, and that the promise articulated less than a year ago is starting to become reality.

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