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ATS E6501 Equals DECT + VoIP

ATS released some interesting looking phones this morning.  The E6501 and E6502 are a base station / handset DECT system.  DECT never really took off here, but it’s big in Europe.  DECT is a multi-channel voice and data system for cordless phones.  It dedicates some channels for voice, and some for data, eliminating the packet-contention issues which sometimes cause problems on VoWiFi implementations. DECT is very similar to HomeRF, which was supplanted here in favour of 802.11.

The ATS E6501 is the master / basestation.  It includes ATS’ patent-pending Digital Clear functionality and is expandable to up to five total handsets.  The release of the E6501 also marks a significant milestone for the Internet phone industry by being the first cordless phone to use DECT technology that integrates a router and a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) VoIP platform in the charging base of the master cordless phone unit. You don’t need an ATA.

The E6502 is the companion handset.

Available at retail for less than $50 for the E6501, and less than $30 for the E6502, bundled with service from SunRocket and / or IDT. 

They’re good looking phones. I’d like to know the price unbundled.

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  • Aswath June 17, 2006, 5:05 am

    At least in US DECT was licensed only recently. That may explain the reason for poor adoption of DECT.

    It is all well and good that cordless phone is integrated with ATA function. I am curious to know whether they drive the small screen of the handset to provide call information and use it to invoke the features, like softphones do?

  • Alec June 17, 2006, 10:07 am

    I have my doubts that they drive the small screen. I haven't seen the phones yet, but ATS has a history of being a quality, but low cost / low feature set, product line.

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