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GigaOm Goes Big!

It’s confirmed.  Veteran business columnist Om Malik is going solo.  He’s taken some funding, will be stepping back from the day to day fray of Business 2.0, and plans to turn GigaOm and perhaps some other properties he has ideas for, into full fledged media businesses.  

I have to admit, when I saw the ValleyWag piece (and not knowing Josh Quittner’s sense of humor well), I assumed it was a hoax.  Typical ValleyWag fun…  but just in case, and just before I wrote a scathingly satirical piece ripping all the humor-impaired commentators who clearly couldn’t see a joke an inch in front of their faces… I made a couple of phone calls, and dropped a piece of email to Om.  Doh!  Thank goodness I did.

Congratulations on your funding, and your new future, Om.  Welcome to the ranks of entrepreneurs everywhere.

Go Big or Go Home!  Or, perhaps that should be Go Giga, Go Om!

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