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What was wrong with our old phones…

I’ve been working on configuring TrixBox, the new name for Asterisk@Home, using Ward Mundy’s excellent guide.  I have to say that TrixBox is nice!  But it still doesn’t prevent you from doing stupid things, which Ward points out in this sidebar:

ATTN: “Type A” Males. With apologies to our female readers, let me chat privately for a moment with the guys. If you have a wife (and want to keep her) or if you have teenage daughters (and want to avoid being killed in your sleep), you’d better get most of this PBX design right if you plan to use Asterisk to replace your existing home phone system. Otherwise, the day after you install your new system, a typical discussion with your spouse will begin with something like this: “What was wrong with our old phones that just rang when someone called and I could actually hear what they were saying when I answered?” With that caveat in mind, let’s jump right in to freePBX.

Too true…

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