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Scoble On The Move

So Scoble’s leaving Microsoft.  That’s the buzz this morning.  Some have been pretty critical of Microsoft for letting him go, and Robert answers those critics with a spirited defense.  He says “Career decisions are personal and opportunity and growth require thinking about a lot of different things, not just one or two.”  Amen! I’ll bet they did move heaven and earth to keep him, contrary to what the critics say.  Microsoft doesn’t let its stars go easily, and they make it very easy for them to come back, if / when some discover they’ve made a mistake. 

Robert’s biggest asset is the Robert Scoble brand.  The bet he’s making is that he can transfer that brand to another company. In some ways his growth from a highly respected corporate blogger into a media personality seems inevitable to me.

You’re a class act, Robert.  Good luck in your new home.

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