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The Pika Mashup

Bill Campbell, over at Skype Journal, talks about his experiences visiting Pika in March and his reaction upon finally seeing Pika Connect for Skype.  He’s got a great shot of David Clarke, Pika’s man on the ground in Las Vegas during the Skype / EBay developers conference.  Anyway, like me, Bill is excited by what Pika has done to integrate Skype into the Asterisk PBX.  Bills says:

If you have an office phone system and use skype, find David; he is will change how you use your office phone. And if you are an eBay Powerseller, find David; he will change your ratios.

Too true!

The promise of what Pika has done is that it brings the world of creativity that exists in the Asterisk environment to the world of Skype.  Asterisk is being used to power some of the most innovative experiments in telephony today — projects like Radio Handi, and Abbeynet.  Pika can marry those mashups to Skype.   That’s huge, because there is no ability in the Skype environment, today, to create new services.  The Skype API lets you build applications that can run on an endpoint, but there was no service platform… until now.

As an example, last week David asked us to integrate Skype presence with iotum.  Up until now, we’ve only provided MSN presence.  It’s not that it couldn’t be done, easily in fact, but it hadn’t been a priority for us.  So we did a quick implementation — interfacing the Skype Web presence directly to iotum.  Now, with Skype + Pika Connect + Asterisk + iotum, iotum can manage those Skype callers, separating criticals calls from calls that can wait, and allowing those important Skype calls to reach me wherever I am. I can take those calls on my cell phone, office PBX, at home or on Skype, and it all happens transparently to me. 

And that, friends, is the power of telecom mashups.

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