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Great Inc for Iotum

Bad puns aside, Inc Magazine has a great article called VoIP Comes Calling in the current issue.  They name six companies doing great things with VoIP, including this piece on iotum:


Cool features: Iotum’s software lets your phone know which calls you want to take and which you don’t. It also takes the pain out of setting up conference calls by ringing all participants automatically. 

In action: Ray Vilis was in a sales meeting when his cell phone started ringing. Damn, he thought to himself, as he mumbled an embarrassed apology. Vilis, vice president of product management and business development for Versatel Networks, doesn’t have that problem anymore. Vilis uses Iotum to manage his calls. It monitors his calendar and automatically knows not to ring any of his six phone numbers if he’s in a meeting–except for callers he specifies. “Iotum gives me back the switchboard operator, only it costs a lot less,” he says.  Price: $5 to $10 per user per month

Woo hoo!

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