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Calling David Crow

I rang David Crow a few minutes ago, just to find out how we was doing.  For those who don’t know David, he is a fixture of the Toronto developer scene and one of the primary Barcamp instigators here in Canada.  Last week, while prepping for DemoCamp 6, 32 year old David suffered a heart attack.  He certainly looks a lot healthier than me most days.  It kind of reminds you that we’re all mortal. 

Anyway, luckily for the irrepressible Mr. Crow, DemoCamp was being held at the MaRS Centre, which is part of Toronto General Hospital. He and pal Sutha Kamal walked over to the Emergency, where David was admitted immediately.  He just got back online, posted photos and YouTube videos and all.  But it’ll be 8 weeks until he’s back on his feet.

I asked who was going to host the next DemoCamp, to which he replied “it’s going to be in about 8 weeks, I think”.  Better keep it at MaRS. 

Get well soon, David!

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