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Joe Volpe: First Casualty of the Liberal Leadership Race

That’s probably it for Joe Volpe.  First, there was the “perfectly legal” campaign donations from children, and now surpression of a satirical web site lampooning those same donations.  Defamation threats?  Sorry, I know I wouldn’t want this guy running our country, and I suspect a majority of Canadians would feel the same way.

The excerpt from the mail written by Volpe staffer Brenden Johnstone to the other leadership campaigns is pretty humorous…

“Hi Everyone, 

There has been concern about how the issue of the Volpe donations was reflecting on the leadership race.

My Office has had the website suspended through CIRA [Canadian Internet Registration Authority] and CDNS [Canadian Domain Name Services] and it will be down as soon as 6 p.m. I think the issue with the website has been dealt with. . . .”

Brenden Johnstone — concerned staffer doing the right thing for the Liberal Party of Canada… yeah right!  Better get to work on the mirrored sites too Brenden.

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