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Voice Mashup Platform “Abbeynet VOW” Debuts

AbbeyNet CEO Luca Filigheddu writes, this morning, about Abbeynet VOW, “a suite of APIs and SDKs to easily create your own web-based VoIP service in a few hours”.  His vision?  To add voice to every portal and website out there.  The APIs allow for the creation and recharge of user accounts, and the control of the Abbeynet softphone.

This is quite a step forward, in that it quite literally allows anyone to become a remarketer of branded voice services, with Abbeynet as the backend service provider.  Moreover, in true Voice 2.0 fashion, it allows anyone to build new applications with voice as just one of the many features.  It’s a voice mashup platform.  Imagine MySpace with voice.


Press release here.

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