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“Master, It Lives!” Vonage IPO Set For Today?

The number one entry on this blog for the last couple of months has been Vonage: Worst IPO Candidate This Year?.  I wrote that in March as I sat down to compose the Voice 2.0 industry view that I gave at VON Canada.  Well, word on the street is that the Vonage IPO is queued up for today.  Jon Arnold dropped me a note last night to say that he is set to be on Bloomberg Radio at 10 AM, and again on ROB-TV here in Canada at 3:15.  He will no doubt be tracking the events from his blog today.

I remain firmly in the doubters camp.  If, as Mark Evans reports, Vonage is multiple times oversubscribed, then we may see a sharp uptick in the price. Expect to see it drop in the not too distant future. Just as the incumbents’ business model must change if they’re to survive, so must Vonage’s.

As Preston Gralla wrote: “I have bad feelings about this one. It has bubble written all over…and it’s about to burst.”

The whole thing is a bit surreal — like watching Frankenstein at the movies.  The inert monster is strapped to the table, the storm is raging outside, and all that remains is to raise it to the sky and see if you can bring it to life.

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