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CommuniGate Pro From Voxilla

Yesterday our friends at Voxilla announced the availability of the Communigate Pro application server.  Communigate Pro is really the first applications server built specifically for SMBs. The package includes CommuniGate Pro application server software and a Dell server with two Intel dual-core CPUs, as well as IP telephones, adaptors and networking hardware. Initially launching on either Microsoft Windows Server Edition or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, it is the first package of its type to enable email, VoIP, video, instant messaging, presence and collaboration for the SMB.  $3699 including the servers, or $699 for just the Communigate software.


Communigate, by the way, is not a new company.  It’s been around for many years, primarily as an email server.  This move into real time communications is a smart move.  You can also buy a hosted version of the Communigate system from Ottawa’s own Versature, if you’d rather not own the servers. 

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