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Plugging iotum into PhoneGnome

O’Reilly Networks have published Mark Petrovic’s article describing how he interfaced iotum and PhoneGnome.  He introduces PhoneGnome FieldSIG as follows:

The combined voice telephony and data needs of the modern user are vastly richer and more nuanced than we can conceive. PhoneGnome FieldSig consists of two expressive interplatform signalling mechanisms, which occur in real time between the PhoneGnome platform and the platforms of our business partners, DeepSig and LiteSig.

PhoneGnome DeepSig is SIP-based and allows not only for simple interplatform informational exchanges, but for partners hooking into deep call flows. Using PhoneGnome DeepSig, partners can place themselves in the SIP signalling and media path of their customer’s calls, enabling any number of novel and compelling value-added voice services.

PhoneGnome LiteSig, by contrast, is XML-RPC based and shines in the area of simple query-response interplatform messaging. PhoneGnome LiteSig is ideal when partners don’t need access to the call media, but simply to the real-time fact that the call is occurring, with an option for simple call disposition instructions.

Mark then continues with a real world example of the use of LiteSig, which is PhoneGnome’s integration with iotum.  It’s an instructive tutorial for anyone wishing to build applications targeted at either PhoneGnome or iotum.

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