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Plantronics 340: A Thumping Good Headset

.Audioâ„¢ 340 Behind-the-Head Enhanced Multimedia HeadsetI don’t know about you, but headsets are something that I spend a pile of time on. Getting a headset that fits well, sounds good, and has basics like a long enough cord, is not always easy.Â

I’ve always been a fan of Plantronics sets.  They tend to be a little pricy, but they also tend to be very good quality.  My dog ate my last one a little while ago (she’s a puppy, and chews). Recently I’ve been using the new .Audio 340 Behind-the-Head Multimedia Headset.

The 340 is sleekly styled, and at $29.95 relatively inexpensive.  With an 8 foot cable, I can wear it while sitting at my desk and still move around easily.  The integrated mute button and volume controls have a convenient clip on the back as well, so they can be easily fixed to my shirt.  And it’s comfortable as can be.

Most importantly, 340 has deep rich sound, and does a very credible job of reproducing bass tones.  You could easily use these headphones for VoIP calls (as I primarily do), or listening to music, or playing games.  They’re that good.

What could be better?  The biggest single addition would be a USB version.  Then I could hear Skype ring through my PC speakers, and use the headphones for the conversation.  It’s a small complaint.

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  • Alec May 16, 2006, 4:51 pm

    Yeah – that whole 500 series looks pretty good to me. Maybe I'll have to comb ebay.

  • Dave Siegel May 16, 2006, 7:19 pm

    So you want what I bought last week, the Plantronics DSP500 multimedia USB headset. It cost me around $45 on amazon.com, and it has a high quality headphone feel with deep rich bass so low that I sometimes pull them off to make sure that my subwoofer isn’t on by accident.

  • Ken Camp May 16, 2006, 10:33 pm

    I use a DSP500a lot myself Alec. It’s an awesome headset, althought you mention Skype and it’s a bit quirky with USB headsets. If you never unplug it you’ll be fine. Every time you unplug the DSP 500 Skype goes back to Windows default sounds devices and forgets about it. Martin has the same problem. I think he uses a DSP400.

  • Alec May 16, 2006, 10:44 pm

    Well, Skype is pretty busted that way, Ken. Just don’t unplug it, I guess.

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