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PhoneGnome Does Skype

PhoneGnome has announced a feature called GnomeLink that allows calls to and from Skype via Phonegnome.  I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but this promises to be hot.  Press release below:

TelEvolution Announces Skype Support

– GnomeLink(TM) for Skype Connects it all Together

( DANVILLE, California, May 15, 2006) TelEvolution (http://www.phonegnome.com), developer of PhoneGnome(TM), the telephony industry’s first true PSTN to Internet telephony solution, today announced the newest capability of the PhoneGnome family, GnomeLink(TM) for Skype.GnomeLink extends the capability of PhoneGnome, adding interoperability with Skype. GnomeLink allows PhoneGnome users to call Skype users from their PhoneGnome-enabled home phone, and to answer Skype calls on their PhoneGnome-enabled home phone.

“GnomeLink is another step towards allowing people to make calls any way that they choose to,” said David Beckemeyer, developer of PhoneGnome and GnomeLink. “Our goal with the PhoneGnome product family has always been to bring all telephony worlds together — PhoneGnome calls, ordinary PSTN calls and SIP calls, all on your regular home phone. With GnomeLink we’ve added the Skype community into the mix.”

PhoneGnome with the new GnomeLink capability means users can now make and receive PSTN, PhoneGnome, SIP, and Skype calls, on the same phone, all using the same voicemail and calling features.

GnomeLink is the latest in a growing list of advanced features and capabilities provided with PhoneGnome. It is available free of charge, adding to the existing PhoneGnome capabilities which include Voicemail to Email, On-line call logs, Find-Me, Click To Call and more,

GnomeLink is available now as a public beta. PhoneGnome can be purchased through the TelEvolution website, http://www.phonegnome.com

About TelEvolution (http://www.phonegnome.com/)Founded by David Beckemeyer, an entrepreneur and former CTO of EarthLink, TelEvolution has developed a new technology that seamlessly joins Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications with a customer’s existing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) service. TelEvolution was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Danville, CA.

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