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iotum and Phonegnome: Better Together

We’ve just announced an introductory special offer for iotum with Phonegnome.  Until the end of June, you can purchase the iotum enhanced call screening service for your Phonegnome-enhanced home phone and save $80 off the retail price.

Phonegnome and iotum have teamed up to bring you the world smartest call screening service at an incredible price. This isn’t just a typical call screening service. iotum pays attention to your schedule, IM presence, calling habits, your location and your personal priorities to help you manage which calls are important and which can wait.

Moreover, you only need to give out one number for people to reach you.  Phonegnome and iotum send you your important calls, wherever you are, without you having to think about it.

When you sign up before July 1, 2006, iotum costs you just $40, for 12 months – a savings of $80 off the retail price of $120. 

Visit the Phonegnome Store to find out more. 

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