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Out of the Box

"Out of Box Experience" (OOBE) is a term that usability researchers use to describe the first experience a customer has using your product.  Good, or bad, it’s what often determines whether, or how long, your product gets used.  So it’s got to be good.

Wendy has written some practical advice on evaluating your own OOBE with a marketing slant.  She rolls up the customer experience beginning to use the product, with feature set, and channels to ask whether or not the product you build is wanted, easy to acquire and easy to use.

Interestingly enough, we’ve just gone through the same process at iotum.  Our Asterisk integration kit has been a popular download, but not yet widely deployed by those downloading.  We built it for a generic Linux/Asterisk distribution, which creates more work than many people downloading had anticipated.  By zeroing in on a few of the more popular distributions (like Asterisk@Home) we hope to correct that.

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