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‘Bumping Uglies’ with PhoneGnome

So there I was, bopping through my blogroll, minding my own business, when I came across this beauty titled "E.T. PhoneGnome" ~ he should have called Iotum. Among the gems in it:

Remember E.T. that beloved alien, that wanted to do nothing more than ‘phone home’. Well that tearjerking little movie from the 80’s would have had a quick finish if E.T. had the PhoneGnome – enabled with Iotum’s Relevance Engine. He wouldn’t have missed the call to get back on the damn ship, as that call was very ‘relevant’ to his situation – and the Engine wouldn’t have given up trying to find him.

Go read the rest.  It’s a good laugh, and if you’ve ever met Andrew Hansen, you’ll recognize the speaking style immediately.

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