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How to Stop the Liberal Party of Canada From Spamming You

Some time ago, former Prime Minister Paul Martin began a series of weekly addresses.  Because none of the networks would carry his missives to the people, the Liberal Party paid for them as advertising and hosted them on their site.  In order to get access to the Prime Ministers chats, you had to enter your email address.  Naively thinking that the Liberal Party would respect my privacy, I did so.

Boy was I stupid. 

I’ve been the target of their spam ever since.  It hasn’t been often, but it has been regular.  The latest is Bill Graham’s hysterical letter about the Conservative Budget

My initial reaction was to simply look for an unsubscribe link.  However, Mr. Graham’s letter doesn’t actually have an unsubscribe link. It’s full of links soliciting donations, but no unsubscribe link. After digging around on the Liberal website, I finally found unsubscribe information located in the party’s privacy policy.  Simply reply to the unwanted mail, with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Hypocrites that they are, by spamming me with Liberal propaganda, they’ve violated their own privacy policy.  Their hypocrisy is further amplified by the fact that what they’ve done contradicts the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, section 4.2.4 which states:

When personal information that has been collected is to be used for a purpose not previously identified, the new purpose shall be identified prior to use. Unless the new purpose is required by law, the consent of the individual is required before information can be used for that purpose.

And here, of course, is the irony.  It was a Liberal Government which introduced the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

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  • Randy Charles Morin May 4, 2006, 5:36 pm

    Sucker! Made the same mistake myself when I signed up for membership of the conservative party about 10 years back. Now I get one phone call every month and several emails every week from conservatives all across southern ontario.

  • Alec May 4, 2006, 6:22 pm

    I didn't even sign up for a Liberal Membership, Randy. All I wanted to see was what was being billed as an official statement from the Prime Minister of Canada.

  • Jim June 4, 2006, 8:11 pm

    Good bit of reporting, Alec. I linked to this post from the News section of my website.

  • Dan September 16, 2006, 9:15 pm

    Your page came up when I Googled 'PIPEDA "political spam"'. Funny – I was looking for a way to stop the incessant drips from the Conservative party and the myriad sympathetic interest groups to whom it seems to have given or sold my email address.

  • Alec September 17, 2006, 4:12 am

    I guess they all do it Dan. Makes me mad…

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