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Why Blog?

I’m not sure what set Ken off yesterday, but he’s published a pretty strong piece condemning splogs.  Phoneboy follows up, noting that bloggers are "attention whores".  Bloggers need an identity.

Yesterday I gave an interview to Grant Buckler, a local freelancer who’s writing a piece on blogging.  I pointed him at all my favorite sources, like Scoble and Shel, and talked about the impact that my blogging has had on iotum.  Thinking about it later, I realized that I could have broken down the reason to blog to two simple ideas:

  1. thought leadership.  The goal of a thought leadership campaign is effectively position a company around vision and ideas in the market — for example, the Voice 2.0 meme which I keep writing about.  Blogging is an essential part of a modern thought leadership campaign. 
  2. customer responsiveness.  Leave the comments on, and you have a great vehicle for having a conversation with your market.

So think about it.  A splog fulfills neither goal.  It’s just a link farm designed to generate Google search results.

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