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It’s Official! Phonegnome and iotum Together

Break out the champagne!  It’s official.  The iotum / Phonegnome partnership has been announced, and as of today, Phonegnome users can become iotum subscribers as well.  Phonegnome is our first commercial deployment, and that’s a huge step for any startup.  Woo hoo!

What’s particularly exciting is the common vision that we share.  I call it Voice 2.0, and it’s all about the separation of directory, access, and applications.  It means that applications players can build products that are agnostic of network.  And customers can buy access separately from applications.  In this specific instance, with Phonegnome you are buying access from the incumbent, long distance from a third party, applications from another third party (including iotum), and directory from the incumbent.  Voice 2.0 is real, and you can buy Voice 2.0 products today!

And lastly, thank you to David Beckemeyer and the Televolution team.  Working with you guys was a pleasure.  Here’s a virtual glass raised to our mutual success!

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