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Internal Communications Trends

The Top 7 Macro Trends in Internal Communications is a piece documenting seven trends which are changing the way the workplace communications.  Some quotes:

On the democratization of communication: "Technology has transformed the world of internal communications. Information is no longer a precious resource but a widely held commodity.  With access to email, wikis and blogs, any (wired) employee can create, comment on, contradict or even undermine any formal internal communications."

On simplicity: "Internal communicators have a new role to play in reducing information overload and advocating simplicity. The introduction of new communications channels has, in many cases, not replaced previous channels but simply added to the overall volume of
communications.  In addition, the demographic transition from Baby Boomers to Gens X and Y is creating demand for more concise and compelling communications for the ‘MTV generation.’ "

With reference to IM: "Today, in the US, more than half the workforce uses instant messaging at work."

It seems that internal communicators are struggling with the same issues that all communicators have.  How can you break through the noise in our daily lives, and engage your target audience?  And, in the case of internal communications, how can you do that without resorting to Dilbert-ian techniques? 

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