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Blogging About Blogging in Ottawa

This is a recursive post.  I am blogging about the Blogging in Ottawa Panel.  We had a lively discussion, but the real value of the session was to agree to continue to build a blogging community in Ottawa.  At the end, I volunteered to begin to maintain a list of Ottawa bloggers.  Here’s the first cut.  I will turn it into a standing post shortly.

  • snook.ca
  • blog.jadedpixel.com
  • boxofchocolates.ca
  • dailypixel.com
  • primeminister.ca
  • betterthanedlin.com
  • tech.nologi.ca
  • blog.leetsoft.com
  • exocortex.org
  • saunderslog.com
  • simplyrelevant.com
  • phoenixrealm.com
  • vlad.photostand.org
  • model.ca
  • sherman.ca
  • dan.langille.org

More to come.  Stay tuned!

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