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Will Vista Ship in Q1 2007?

Ouch!  Paul Thurrott slams Windows Vista for broken promises, and suggests that Bill Gates should step down.  My contention that the February CTP was not feature complete, and Microsoft is far from shipping Vista is also confirmed:

Back in early December 2005, Microsoft promised that it would ship a feature-complete version of Windows Vista internally by the end of 2005 and then deliver an updated version to testers in early 2006. That milestone slipped from December 2005 to January 2006, and testers didn’t get a so-called feature-complete Vista version until February 2006. However, that build, and a subsequent interim build 5342, are not feature complete. In fact, there are many, many features missing from these builds that will apparently show up in future builds.

Among these missing features are the various Vista Ultimate Extras (features and services), including a Texas Hold-em game that was developed by the people behind Windows Calendar and Sidebar, Virtual PC Express, Media Center support for the Xbox 360 Media Center Extender, automatic hard disk defragmentation, themed slideshows, Windows Movie Maker HD, and so on.

Makes you wonder if they really can ship in Q1 2007.

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