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Open Source or Open Standards

Tina Gasparson has published a great piece titled Why Open Standards Matter over on NewsForge.  She’d been to Government Day at Linuxworld Boston, and heard some compelling speakers argue for open source, and also for free software. Tina’s point of view is that open standards are the biggest requirements.  The argument essentially boils down to customer choice.

Open sourcing is a complex issue, which many companies confront.  Why, how open, what license, and whether to use open source in their own projects are just some of the issues.  Many have the mistaken idea that it’s a simple as setting your code free, and millions of developers all over the world will do the rest of the work for you.  Unh unh… Several years ago I wrote a primer on Open Source as a strategy, which, although the references are dated, is still applicable.  You can find it here:  To Open Source or Not 

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