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VON Canada: Wrap

VON Canada finished up for me yesterday.  Immediately following the show, the iotum contingent and I high-tailed it back to Ottawa.  This morning I jumped on a plane and travelled to Boston.  Busy week!

Highlights of the last day for me:

The Deep Impact session, which explored the intersection of VoIM, Portals, and the PSTN.  We had a large group of excellent speakers, and explored a number of different topics.  For me, discussion panels are the highlight of the show.  I’d rather have a bunch of smart people debate a topic, than a group of vendors deliver a pitch.

Show Me The Money, moderated by my partner Howard Thaw, was also excellent.  Three VC’s and an accountant from Deloitte’s explaining their views on business, and raising money.  JL Albright’s Rick Segal was one of the panelists, which always makes for an entertaining show. 

Money Making Apps was an opportunity for me to show iotum in action.  Afterward, the conversation moved to a discussion, in many ways, of what Skype did right. 

Biggest takeaway: the shift to applications is finally happening.  Applications was the buzzword on everyone’s lips.  About time!

Jon Arnold’s Day 3 thoughts, and podcast are located here

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