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BarCamp Ottawa: 16 Days to Go

We had another organizers meeting this morning for BarCamp Ottawa.  The event seems to be coming together very well.   It’s looking like it will be a great event.

The agenda, of course, will be very loose, as is generally the case with BarCamp events.  We will be getting together Friday night for a beer, just to meet the other attendees and loosen up a little.  Saturday, at Bitheads, we’ll have up to three tracks of conversations.  Lunch will be served, coffee provided in the morning, and anything else anyone brings will be available for snacks.

The next couple of weeks we’re going to be encouraging folks to start signing up to lead sessions.  I’ve already committed to lead one session on what makes a good demo, and another on when and how to use open source in your business.  If you’d like to lead a session, then please whip over to the wiki, and let us know.

And lastly, we’ve made 75 t-shirts, which will be given out to the first 75 attendees.  Session leaders have priority over others, though.  There may be other good swag too!

I’m looking forward to seeing people there.

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