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VON Canada: Toronto Asterisk Users Group

I am sitting in the Toronto Asterisk User Group meeting.  It’s a great turnout! Jon Arnold, who helped bring this meeting to VON, should be really proud.  There are probably 80 to 100 people here.  The room is packed.

Claude Patry from the Montreal AUG gave a demo of his Voice Changer application.  It’s great fun — want to sound like a stalker, or Alvin the Chipmunk?  VoiceChanger is for you! Claude also talked about the professionally recorded french prompts which he will have available.  Missed the URL.  Sorry!

Noam and Julien gave a great presentation on the iotum Asterisk integration kit.  Naturally, I was very proud. It got a really good reception.  They couldn’t finish the presentation, but you can head over to www.iotum.com, and get accounts and download the code if you want.

Ian Darwin gave a great presentation on his VoIP setup. It was really cool to see how he had integrated VoIPUser.ORG, FWD, and Unlimitel with his system.  It was a great demonstration of the power of Asterisk.

John Van Ostrand finished the evening with a discussion of the AGI programming interface.  It’s a very good overview of AGI.

Well worth the time.

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