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VON Canada

I’m heading to VON Canada this afternoon with Howard.  The next three days will be filled with meetings, sessions, and reconnecting with colleagues, old friends, and potential business partners.  Somehow I’ve managed to commit to sitting on or hosting 4 panels, and delivering one of Jeff’s industry insight talks.  Not surprisingly, the talk I plan to deliver will be on Voice 2.0. 

In addition, iotum will be announcing the first stage of our Asterisk strategy on Monday.  We’ve been working hard at this for a while now, ever since we installed Asterisk in our own offices.  More details tomorrow, but suffice it to say we’re making a pretty full-on commitment to the Asterisk community.  I hope it’s well received.

If you’re at VON Canada, and would like to connect, just call me on myiotum number — 613-482-9088.  If I’m not in a scheduled meeting, or sitting on a panel, that will ring through to me.

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