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BubbleShare Adds to the Bar!

It turns out that I jumped the gun on the Bubbleshare news yesterday.  Last night, while at the hockey game (the Sens beat the Rangers, handily, despite a lengthy injury list), Albert emailed me about a bunch more features they released yesterday, the day after the BubbleBar release, including captions, a mobile gateway to make it easy to upload photos from your camera phone, and a new API.  There’s also a slick magnifier as well.  

I set to work to try some of these out.  Here, for example, is a captioned set of some of old family photos of people with dogs. It was easy to do, although I would have liked to have a tool to lengthen the descender from the bubble.

The BubbleShare API released yesterday is a very simple tool for uploading photos.  Presumably this is to allow folks to build integrations with BubbleShare into photo editors and so on. 

BubbleShare started out to make photo sharing very simple.  What we’re seeing though, is the evolution of BubbleShare into a tool which also makes photo sharing personal.  The albums, with voice over, and captions, plus the BubbleBar on the desktop, are some clever innovations in a very crowded space. I think the MySpace crowd, for instance, is going to love the captions feature! 

Some further commentary: Scoble, Segal, and don’t miss this very funny album from Mix ’06.

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