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Alexaholic Shows The Value of Blogging

I was trying to explain to a friend of mine the value I get from blogging.  Like me, he’s the CEO of a small tech company here in the Ottawa area.  His company has been around a lot longer than iotum, though, and hence should be more well known.  It’s not.   I stumbled on a very convincing tool to show that — alexaholic.  Alexaholic lets you compare the alexa rankings of up to five URLs at once.  Here’s what I showed him:

Alexa comparison

The red line is iotum.com, and the green line is saunderslog.com. iotum.com is also the host of iotum’s corporate blog, simplyrelevant.com.  Simply Relevant’s results are therefore included in the iotum results.  The blue is his (unnamed) company.  It’s pretty striking.  His company has a well populated web site, with lots of product information.  Graphically, it’s eye catching.  And regularly they spend money on SEO.  Yet their rankings are dismal. Their best days are days when they have news.  Even on those days, we get 10x the reach he does, without doing any of the things they do. Why?

Part of the explanation is the DEMOgod award we won in February (that’s the big spike early in the month).  The other part I put it down to blogging, but have had trouble explaining it. Blogs tend to have more indexed pages than static sites.  Blogs also tend to have more links (in, out, and between pages) than static pages. Both of these dramatically increase your rankings on the major search engines.  You’ll also notice that iotum and saunderslog have similar spikes of activity.  Both blogs are deliberately cross linked, in order to create traffic and links between them. Our pages are getting reasonably constant traffic as a result, while my friends pages get small spikes in traffic only when his company puts out a press release.

The counsel I give to any startup today is pretty simple.  Skip building a corporate site.  Build a blog. 

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  • Steven Phenix March 30, 2006, 4:34 pm

    That’s a great tool! (You’re missing the “c” in the .com) 😎

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