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NDP Alarmists Oppose Telecom Reforms

In the "Please Remove Your Head From Your Posterior" department, New Democrat MP’s Charlie Angus and Brian Masse have raised the spectre of job losses, higher phone bills and increased foreign ownership if Canada liberalizes telecommunications laws.  According to today’s Globe and Mail, the NDP says it is alarmed by the willingness of Canadian trade negotiators to ease foreign ownership restrictions on telephone companies.

News flash, boys… this quarter Bell Canada announced 4,000 layoffs.  Insiders tell me the number is likely to be higher.  North American phone companies are losing land lines at a rate of 10,000 per day right now.  Canadian industry folks have told me that 1,000 per day is about right for Canada too.

Unless Canada brings telecom regulations in step with market and technology realities, there simply won’t be an industry to regulate.

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