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Yahoo Messenger with Voice: Where’s the Beef?

Martin had some pointed comments on Yahoo Messenger with Voice, the latest offering from Yahoo.  I think his feedback is pretty dead on. 

Like Martin, what I really wonder about is the stuff that didn’t ship.  Brad Garlinghouse is a hugely effective advocate for Voice 2.0.  I saw him speak at ITExpo last year about Voice 2.0.  At PTC in January, he talked about Voice 2.0 again.  Brad really gets it.  So, where’s the beef?  I didn’t see Brad’s vision in this product. Instead, what Brad said was that what sets Yahoo’s service apart from competitors’ is "aggressive pricing," and the fact that the calling services are entwined in Messenger and the Yahoo network.  How very 1.0.

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  • /pd March 22, 2006, 10:53 pm

    “aggressive pricing,” ??

    2¢ a minute (being a SIP-based VoIP service) vs SPIT ??

    no way.. i dont think so

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