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Barcamp Ottawa 4

I’ve been meaning to post about the preparation for Barcamp Ottawa for the last few days, but somehow things keep getting in the way.  In any event, the preparations are starting to take real tangible shape.  Bitheads has offered their excellent facility in the old Westgate Theatre over on Carling Ave.  We have a number of sponsors lined up as well, and are coming close to reaching our financial goals.  Plus, it looks like we may have Chris Messina (one of the original Barcamp organizers) coming in from California for the event too!

At the last meeting we had an extensive discussion around the number of attendees we can handle.  For this initial event, we’re going to try to organize into 3 tracks of 30 to 60 minute sessions, with a maximum of 100 attendees.  So, if you’re interested in attending, please head over to the wiki and sign up.  Just edit the page, and add your name to the list.

And below is a great little email piece that Peter has authored.  If you’re in my address book, you might find this in your mailbox this morning.

Passionate about Technology? Want to share and discuss it? Then BarCamp is for you.

Think 100 people who live and love technology together in one place. Think a conference where there is no audience only participants.

BarCamp is you leading a discussion with 6 – 10 enthusiasts. Some in your area but most wanting to see what happens if when you mash different technologies and expertise together. It’s fun. You don’t know what the outcome will be – except that you’ll walk out with a lot more insight, knowledge and connections than you walked in with.

Ok it’s not just technology – there’s a couple of sessions on blog marketing and demos – because technology is even more fun when it’s used.

Interested? Go to www.BarCamp.org/BarCampOttawa and add your name and passion to the list. It’s a wiki – you know how, but there’s only 100 spots so don’t wait too long.

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  • jay kellum March 21, 2006, 11:18 am

    If the Peter Childs you refer to in you piece is the Pete Childs who plays guitar and dobro, ask him to drop me an email. I’m the Jay Kellum who knew him in Florida and New York. (currently in Mexico)


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