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Dismantling the “Six Gotchas”

Phil Wolff systematically dismantles David Greenfield’s The Six Gotchas of Skype for Business.   Greenfield’s fundamental mistake is in equating Skype with a replacement for the office phone system.  It’s not.  Phil is right, however — ignoring Skype, and systems like it, is a mistake.  Skype changes the communications landscape with new kinds of experiences that are not the same or possible on an existing office phone system. 

As an example, last Thursday I held a "video conference" with one of our investors.  I set up a webcam at one end of the boardroom table, and projected my PC image on the big screen behind it.  Add a pair of reasonable quality external PC speakers, and we were in business, as we all sat at the other end of the table, talked and watched the screen.  Could the experience have been better on a dedicated video conferencing system?  Sure.  But this was ad-hoc, required no additional equipment beyond what I already had, and cost me $0.

As Phil says — it’s not "Why?".  It’s just "How soon?".

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