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Offline RSS Reader Wanted

I am looking for an offline RSS reader, which synchronizes with Bloglines.  The operative word here is synchronize.  I’ve looked at both FeedDemon and GreatNews which can download feeds, but not synchronize.  I want a synchronization experience similar to the way Exchange or an IMAP server handles email — full offline access, with a synchronized online store. I work on multiple computers, which is why bloglines is so effective for me today, but it has no offline experience.  If I had a decent offline experience too, I could catch up on blogs in my downtime waiting in airports, on planes, trains, and so on.

Anybody have any good suggestions?

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  • Martin Brice March 20, 2006, 5:22 am

    I don't know about the synchronizing part, but I do use, and love RSSBandit. It's a .NET developed tool, open source, works and works well. :> No, I'm not a paid employee or paid advertiser :> just a long time user and I love it. Worth an install and try.

    I've tried one Outlook addin that didn't work nearly as well as RSSBandit. I'm sorry I can't remember it's name, just that it took me longer to get it uninstalled than a Windows product SHOULD! :

  • irwin lazar March 20, 2006, 10:51 am

    Are you on a Mac or PC? NetNewsWire for the Mac has a beta version out now that synchronizes with newsgator. Om Malik recently reviewed it in his blog.

    You can grab the beta at http://ranchero.com/netnewswire/changenotes/netnewswire2.1b16.php

  • Alec March 20, 2006, 12:00 pm

    I’m on a PC Irwin. Perhaps I need to dump bloglines too, I dunno.

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