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Good News for Canadian Telecoms?

Simon Tuck, writing in the Globe and Mail this morning, gives a preview of what might be coming next week in a landmark federal government report, believed to recommend loosening restrictions on Canadian communications players.  The report is expected to recommend:

  • Incentives for more broadband or high-speed Internet service, particularly for rural and remote communities. Advocates argue that this is a social necessity.  More importantly, because broadband enables so many new kinds of applications, it also brings with it more potential for competition in the sector overall. 
  • New incentives for private sector investment in new equipment and other technologies that can help boost Canada’s lagging productivity.  More than the existing SRED regime?
  • New distance between the governance of those that create content and those that provide the carriage for the programming.  This is a fascinating development too.  What is content? Programming?  That’s the key thing to understand here.

The flavour seems to be "relax restrictions, while introducing programs and rules designed to foster competition".  That’s a good thing! Simon’s preview, however, is a bit of a mixed bag.  Hopefully the final report is a little more cohesive.

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  • Jim Courtney March 18, 2006, 3:07 am

    The Globe & Mail ROB has <a>a full story this (Saturday) morning.

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