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Conversation with Ken Camp

Ken has posted a full transcript of our conversation from last week on the Real Time VoIP blog which he runs.  It was a terrific chat, in between interruptions around the office as I tried to get out for my vacation this week. 

Ken finishes the post with some of his own thoughts, including this one:

For those of you who follow David Allen’s approach to Getting Things Done, I’ll offer a comparison. iotum does much with wrapping relevance around your present context like David Allen’s technique to defining where you work on tasks. What really matters is what you can do where you are right now? What really matters is how the people who need to reach you can do so where you are right now. I’ve seen a lot of descriptions of iotum, but for me, they look like the GTD of presence management, and that’s going to be huge.

Very insightful.  Thanks Ken for making such a valuable contribution to my own thinking about iotum!

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