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Inveneo Triple Play

Inveneo Co-Founder Kristen Peterson sent me a raft of news this afternoon.  This non-profit is focused on providing the internet and communications technologies in the developing world, and has built solar and bicycle powered low power PC’s for this market.  It’s very very cool stuff.

Inveneo’s news is:

  • the release of their solar powered VoIP solution, which uses Asterisk and is designed to be delivered into communities without electricity all over the world.
  • a new partnership with Wyse to deliver the Wyse thin client on the Inveneo solution.  The thin client is one of their strategies to keep power consumption to a minimum, so the solution can be deployed in communities with little or no electricity. 
  • a new board member, Dominic Orr.  Dominick was founder of Alteon Networks and Netgear,  formerly President of Nortel Networks Intelligent Internet Web Systems group, and currently is chairman of Aruba Networks and Executive Chairman of Ruckus Wireless.

Best wishes to Kristen and her team.  Inveneo is doing a great job leveraging relationship capital to forge some very powerful relationships.

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