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TelTel: The First Voice 2.0 Carrier

Yesterday, TelTel announced that they had raised $8 million from three investors.  Red Herring published the story today, contrasting them with SIPphone, who raised $6 million recently.  A lot of people I talked with yawned at this announcement.  The typical reaction was "who needs another VoIP carrier"? 

I dropped by TelTel’s offices this morning to chat with them. Based on what I heard, I think the skeptics are 100% wrong. TelTel is the first pure Voice 2.0 carrier I’ve encountered, and that’s tremendously exciting.

The TelTel model lets:

  • Users choose who they wish to buy originations and terminations from.  You can buy your terminations from any carrier.  You can buy your DID from any carrier. 
  • Users choose which applications and services they wish to buy, from the applications and services which exist on the TelTel network.  TelTel will certify application vendors on their network, and it’s up to the vendors to push their services to the customer.  Want voice mail from Vendor A, but IVR from Vendor B?  No problem.
  • Applications vendors to reach the TelTel user base on a revenue share model.  Certify your application on the TelTel network, share the revenue with TelTel, and they will provide access to the customer.  With 1.5 million subscribers on the network today, they have enough of a user base to provide an attractive target for an application vendor. 

TelTel provides the infrastructure, billing system, and a customizable softphone application. You provide the apps.  Customers have complete freedom to choose to purchase from whomever they please.   That’s Voice 2.0.

They also have a model where you can become a VNO, and just relable all the services from them.

This is a tremendous step forward.  This is the future.

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