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Airport Power Meme Continues

The Airport Power Meme continues to gather momentum.  I got an email today from Montreal’s La Presse wanting to interview me about this story tomorrow. 

Jeff Goldman writes anything an airport does to accommodate its travelers, not restrict them (security concerns aside), seems like a good idea — and the "fire hazard" argument just seems ridiculous. Restricted outlet usage causes enormous frustration for travelers, with no clear benefit to the airport.

Glenn Fleischman has opened up a thread inviting people to vent or praise.  There’s quite a lengthy comment thread going there.

The GridSkipper has a lengthy piece pointing to a whole pile of resources, including the new AirPower Wiki. Incidentally, the Skipper is mistaken when he says that Montreal is locked down.  Certainly there’s a scarcity, and power outlets in the lounges are capped, but you can go sit in a phone booth, or on the floor as I did.  Chicago O’Hare, however, is a different story.  Power is virtually non-existant there.

And JP Hebert also posted about his frustrations with power and air travel.   


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