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Shel Israel / Toronto Bloggers Dinner: CHANGE OF VENUE

For those planning to attend the Shel Israel blogger dinner on March 6, there has been a venue change.  The Peel Pub changed hands and became something called Filthy McNasty’s. Nobody there answered our calls, so David Forde has managed to Shoeless Joes to throw in $3 beers, and free finger foods.  Shel will be there, and there will be copies of Naked Conversations available to buy if you don’t already have one. 

By the way, I just finished reading Naked Conversations on the plane to San Francisco yesterday.  If you ever need a way to explain the relevance and value of blogging, the how-to’s, and the do not’s, it’s excellent.

Here’s the map.  The event begins at 6:30pm

IF YOU HAVE A TORONTO AREA BLOG AND ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND PLEASE LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT THE VENUE HAS CHANGED. So many people replied to the last posting that it will be impossible for me to reach them all.  So please help get the word out. 

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