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Fortune Smiles on iotum

Fortune Magazine called DEMO American Idol for Entrepreneurs in their latest article on the conference.  Towards the end of the show, writer Adam Lashinsky was cruising the room, looking for entrepreneurs to chat with.  Howard grabbed the opportunity, and the last paragraph was about us!

As Demo draws to a close, conference organizer Shipley anoints ten of the companies as Demo "gods" on the strength of their presentations. Howard Thaw, co-founder of one winner, Iotum, which has developed ingenious software to screen incoming phone calls, e-mails me shortly before 11 P.M., just after the conference has concluded. "Some VCs are already sending congratulatory notes, with requests for confirmations of follow-up meetings," he writes. "One of them has summoned us to an all-partners meeting on Tuesday." Thaw, in a moment of exuberance, has revealed what Demo is all about. Producing nifty technology and nailing your demo, after all, are nice. Collecting the cash is what makes you a true Demo god.

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