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When Does Unlimited Mean Unlimited?

I am sitting looking at $72 of "overage" on my Rogers Unlimited Data plan.  That’s correct.  Overage on an unlimited plan.  I am a little confused.  I thought unlimited mean unlimited.  Just to make sure that I understood the term correctly, I went and checked my dictionary.  According to Houghton Mifflin:

un·lim·it·ed   Audio pronunciation of ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (n-lm-td)

  1. Having no restrictions or controls: an unlimited travel ticket.
  2. Having or seeming to have no boundaries; infinite: an unlimited horizon.
  3. Without qualification or exception; absolute: unlimited self-confidence.

Ah… it’s an American dictionary.  Perhaps there is a uniquely Canadian meaning to unlimited. Perhaps it’s one of those quirks of idiom — like the fact that in the US "tabling" a document means putting it aside for future consideration, whereas in Canada it means to offer a document for consideration right now.  Quickly turning away from the modern convenience of the internet, I dust off my venerable Gage Canadian Dictionary, and look up the term.

un·lim·it·ed adj. 1 without limits; boundless 2 not restricted.

Nope.  It seems that the Canadian definition of unlimited is, in fact, the same as the US definition. Ah! Perhaps this is the source of my confusion. Rogers is using the special word unlimited***, which is apparently a new word that looks just like unlimited but means something different from the actual word unlimited.  

Yup, checking the weasel type at the bottom of the page reveals the following caveat.

***Rogers Wireless reserves the right to limit usage and charge $7 per additional MB for excessive usage over 25 MB of data per month.

So Rogers lawyers have redefined the word unlimited to mean 100% completely the opposite of unlimited.  It’s a bit like a Monty Python, sketch, isn’t it?

The more I think about this, the more steamed I get. 

Oh yes, I know, we’re all supposed to read the fine print on every contract we agree to, but who really reads all those terms on the click through EULAs anymore?  And in the rush of the moment to sign up for a cell phone plan, who reads the back side of the canary copy of the contract with its endless chicken tracks of lawyer type?  Rogers promised me an unlimited plan, and then changed the definition of the common english word unlimited to mean the exact opposite.   It’s positively python-esque in its hubris. 

Second, it’s entirely arbitrary who they will and will not charge.  Their weaselly redefinition of unlimited doesn’t say "Limited to $25 MB.  Usage in excess will charged at $7 per additional MB."  It says "Rogers reserves the right to charge who we feel like if we decide your usage is excessive."

I am sure this is just the beginning too.  I have a brand new Rogers Blackberry 8700r.  With its high speed wireless access, you can surf websites to your heart’s content.  And with its new browser, it’s a fabulous way to view those websites. Graphics et al all display much better than they did on my 7290.  Plus, the CD that comes with the 8700r has modem drivers on it so you can plug your Blackberry into your PC and use it for data communications — which is, in fact, what I did last week transferring some 20 odd megabytes of data while on a train trip between Ottawa and Toronto. I am sure I will be seeing a bill for hundreds of dollars for that trip.

Rogers used to be an innovator in the Canadian market.  This kind of behaviour smacks of clueless, and deliberately deceitful, lawyers and marketing people trying to pull a fast one on customers.  Rogers needs to fix my bill, and then offer a proper unlimited data plan — one that recognizes the reality of the advanced data devices they’re pushing in the marketplace.

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  • /pd February 19, 2006, 12:25 pm

    not sure , but bells plan seems to be unlimited.. not been charged for anything over my plan (yet) !!

  • Andrew February 19, 2006, 12:49 pm

    So lets get this straight, Rogers offers a great product like the 8700 which finally promises to deliver true out of office experience for the mobile professsional, it isn’t cheap – $500++ for the (locked) handheld and a commitment of 1-3 years, for about 1K $ a year.. The customer weights the cost and agrees to the commitment. Then you send a few decent sized powerpoints a month, and you bill doubles???? Are they out of their minds, that is the most insane thing I have ever heard.

  • Donald Smith February 19, 2006, 1:44 pm

    I normally would be surprised, but for the record, FIDO (which I think Rogers now owns) is virtually impossible to cancel. It took me three attempts over 3 months to cancel my Fido after having not used it for many months. To actually finally get them to stop charging my credit card, I had to call American Express, and have THEM (American Express) 3rd party call FIDO/Rogers with me, and ONLY THEN did American Express stop billing FIDO payments. Yes, I had to have my Credit Card company cancel my cell phone. Nice. Note that I’d had the phone for 5 years, so I was under no obligation, and each time I cancelled, they assured me I was no longer subscribed and they said I’d stop getting billed.

    I guess I’m going to have to lump Cell phone comanies right up there with Real Estate companies and used cars dealers. Impossible to deal with.

    – Don

  • Alec February 19, 2006, 3:30 pm

    Bell has the same weaselly language, P. And yes, Anderw, that's 100% right.

    I've written to the VP of Rogers Wireless to see what she has to say.

  • /pd February 20, 2006, 11:58 am

    Oh Ok, I need to be check this out with Bell too.. then I hve the “unlimited” plan ….for 20MB it was like $20 and then it was $40 for 60MB and then approx $70/for “unlimted” access..

    Thanks for the tip Alec..be on my gaurd now !!

  • David February 21, 2006, 4:20 am

    I totally agree with you – Rogers is that strange Canadian company that appears to be in one of the world's most competitive industries (wireless, internet) and yet seems to exist as a government-sanctioned monopoly, free to charge whatever it likes, whenever it likes to whomever it likes.

    Compare this to US telcos and mobile providers that do offer true unlimited data plans, NO roaming, long-distance calling included in the LOW monthly rates – $40 for 1,200 minutes of call time!!

  • James C. March 20, 2006, 11:19 am

    I've been comparing the various plans recently with an eye to a BB purchase. Not thrilled with what I read here and elsewhere. Bell has the same problem with the definition of "unlimited". However, according to their website, their "unlimited" plan has a 500 MB limit, which I would say is reasonable at least.

  • mu mp3 blog March 23, 2006, 3:23 pm

    i have the same problem

  • AntiRogers April 10, 2006, 9:37 am

    Rogers has never been on the up and up. I've slowly cancelled everything i've ever had with them due to their lies. Digital box offered mostly NON-DIGITAL channels. When bundles were added it was $20 more a month than Star Choice with 100% digital channels. CANCELLED.

    Then there is the Internet. Let's throttle all the traffic that's not burst-type (such as viewing a webpage) so that people can't use up our precious bandwidth downloading on their "unlimited" high speed Internet (which is actually limited to 60GB). Yep. Don't download bitTorrents or P2P on Rogers. They throttle it down to an unusable 10KB. CANCELLED. Why have high-speed unlimited if it's limited and they are throttling it?

    Then there is the Blackberry. I decided to move up to a Blackberry device after being a Rogers Wireless customer for 3 years. What do they offer? Well. The device required 350$ more out of pocket than Bell Mobility (which they would reimburse via pain-in-the-but Mail in Rebate). Then they proceed to tell me about the 25MB limit on the unlimited data plan! Yup. Let's scam some more. 25MB is nowhere near acceptable for a Blackberry. NOWHERE! I proceed to tell them…. CANCEL!

    I now have a Bell Blackberry with 500MB limit (20x more than Rogers) and i'm content. Rogers can go to hell.

    Did you also know that they got rid of all their in-house technicians and send 3rd party/4th party contractors to do work on your house? Did you knowt that they also charge-back those technicians for everything under the sun?

    When someone comes to your house to do a 2 hour job… they pay him say 35$.
    If he is 2 minutes late… Rogers takes 40$ off his paycheck. YUP. They call it a late chargeback. He just made negative 5$. Makes him really want to do a quality job for you eh? Especially when they booked him 3 appointments at 10AM.

  • adam October 16, 2006, 8:12 am

    I remember back around the late 90's, maybe 1997 or 1998, the term "unlimited" began to change. I had a cellphone plan with Cellular One in the U.S. It was truely unlimited during off-peak hours. I consumed almost 10000 minutes/month. I remember being told by a representative that there was a problem among consumers in the states being confused by the term "unlimited". People in the states couldn't figure it out. They needed to quantify somehow what unlimited meant. People would ask what do you mean by unlimited? How much is unlimited? So to simplify things, companies created a large number (ex. 1000 minutes/month). At the time, that sounded like a lot. Who would ever consume so much? Of course the number has grown along with the popularity of cellphones. Broadband providers also advertised unlimited, but would sometimes drop your connection if it is idle. Now VOIP services are doing the same thing. Companies advertise "unlimited" but in the TOS they penalize you for excessive usage. Who determines "excessive usage"? After you are marked as going beyond some unknown usage limit, the company automatically changes your billing plan and backtracks all your expenses without informing you. Some companies actually state a number like 5000 minutes/month. I don't mind the new definition of "unlimited", although it should have a new word. Actually, I think the correct word is "limited", but that is not new. When a company falsely advertises a product they are liable. Some companies have fine print that says they are not responsible for misprints and typos in advertisements but that usually concerns prices not services and functions. In this case, it is not a typo or misprint. All the companies that advertise "unlimited" did so consciously and intentionally. Does the TOS excuse them from false advertising? Who regulates this kind of advertising? If something is going to be limited then tell me up front in the advertisement. Don't make me search the TOS. If there is no such thing as "unlimited" anymore then so be it, but don't decieve the public. The public will lose faith and trust in the company and the system. These companies need to be monitored and regulated for their deception practices. I feel the same as many of you and am glad someone did a message board on this topic. I wish congress could see this. I will leave you all with a bit of irony from an advertisement that claims a flat annual rate for unlimited VOIP calls in the U.S., Canada, and international calls to 41 different countries. When you click on the link for more information about the service they tell you it is unlimited for the international calls at 3 cents per minute. So this is also a new definition. The meaning of unlimited can sometimes mean unlimited or limited or unlimited with charges per minute. Can someone tell me how unlimited with a per minute charge is any different than a basic per minute plan?


  • Justin March 26, 2007, 6:05 pm

    No don’t you get it? The “unlimited” part of the plan means they can charge you an unlimited amount of money.

    But, all joking aside I hate all Canadian wireless carriers, especially for their data plans. I remember asking a Roger’s dealer about that fine print where it says Roger’s reserves the right to charge you for usage after 25 MB for their “unlimited” plan.
    The dealer’s answer: “25 MB is alot”
    My reply “It’s NOT unlimited”
    At which point the dealer walked away to find a manager who agreed it was just a trick.

    So here’s my advise, screw Canadian carriers. If you know someone who lives in the US and is willing to be your billing address for an American carrier and sign up with T-Mobile. For $50 US you get Unlimited (No fine print) data in the US and Unlimited email on your BlackBerry while roaming internationally. That’s around the World! This is with their $29.99 BlackBerry Unlimited feature and the $19.99 BlackBerry International feature. This still doesn’t cover web browsing which is $10 a MB, but unlimited email is still a lot better than Rogers. Just get an unlock code for your device.

  • Bob April 11, 2007, 2:38 pm

    Rogers says they are all that and they will not trick customers, but infact they do the exact opposite. As Peter Griffin would say "that really grinds my gears"! I just want this problem to be fixed!

  • Ed January 18, 2008, 11:23 am

    Interesting notes.
    The European carriers all do the same, unlimited has a fair usage policy of 1,000Mb, to which they also refer as a Gb.
    When I did Computer science, a gigabyte was a hell of a lot larger then 1,000Mb, is this legal shrinkage too?
    Both the FCC and Ofcom and EU parliments need to step in and bring the universal dictionary of English back into the open and clearly make clear that the word means this and cannot be used to mean that. Otherwise, I'll start campaigning that TAXES mean repayments of Govt. wrongdoings at 50% of annual salary paid back in qtr.ly installments. Let's see how quickly they react to that definition!!!!!!!

  • sven May 14, 2008, 10:34 pm

    thought i was done. lol. rogers said they put a note on my file that i could get the money back for my pc card and the store where i bought it could look me up on the corporate file and that would be done. glad i called the store first, too bad it had to be long distance… turns out they are an outlet. outlets don't do returns. past thirty days, they dont do returns anyway, they only sell it and set up the billing… besides you cant do it in the outlet, you need a corporate store…you want to return something…lets see…nearest ones…5 hour trip.

    i guess i feel like its all my fault, and i am old enough to remember when the customer is always right…i forget when we drifted away from that quaint notion, but as it turns out i really was confused on many issues. like i grew up thinking night was after supper…, i knew about the evening of course, but as i grew up i thought of it as a formal way of saying any time between supper and dark… night was later… so i always carefully waited till after 6 pm to call long distance. wait till after six we all cautioned each other growing up, or wait till sunday…sundays cheapest…sunday after 6.

    i see by my bills i did the same thing i learned over 40 years ago, i carefully called after 6 ..look at them all…

    at rogers it seems evening means after 9 pm.

    so anyone out there tell me..if i said i promised i was going to call you this evening… it would be free you see… don't worry, i'll call back… would you expect me to let the phone ring at least 12 times to give you a chance to get to it… after supper,

    or after bedtime.

  • sven May 15, 2008, 12:39 am

    i just hung up the phone with rogers. the conversation ended with the understanding that if i canceled my cell phone account tonight i would receive a 400 dollar service charge through my credit card, it’s not a penalty or a punishment, it’s a disconnect me fee… on the other hand, if i agreed to pay an additional 20 dollars per month on my present plan plus another 7 dollars plus tax on top of that i would actually then have the package that i thought i originally had in the beginning.

    the package i thought i had in january wasnt even in existence in january, it is new now …just this month.

    i feel foolish now but when i was talking to the kid in the source store when i was saying i wanted to be able to call anywhere anytime i think he was thinking hey man, no ones stoppin ya, and yes, our system will connect you …. cell phones reach almost anywhere now…

    i meant a long distance package so i never had to worry about it… ok, and it was ‘this’ much a month…i had several big projects coming up in the next few monthes and this was part of getting ready… and click click…everything was set up. i love my sony ericsson i580, it takes nice pictures, video, man, i was calling my mom, my sister, anyone i wanted… anytime…

    this might not be the right place for …this all…but i have never in my life typed antirogers into a search engine before…google asked me if i meant did i mean anti rogers…i thought about it and said no…i meant antirogers and it guided me here. i realize of course that i dont hate rogers, or any of those nice friendly kids on the help lines, i dont hate at all… its just a huge impersonal billing system i’m interacting with.

    the blogs above summed up a few things for me. unlimited…i am still sure i walked away that first time in january feeling good, i had unlimited …something…

    so just now i went and found the first agreement, the original paper, i had just been advised in the blogs above to read the fine print…so i did…or tried to…i have a pair of 1.50 reading glasses on…i can read service agreement, customer info…credit information… voice data plan…ok…then theres that fine print they were talking about….

    there it was again

    mega 50 1000 nights weekends unlimited calls…

    to be sure…what i actually did was put on another pair of 1.50’s on top of the others and gathered up all my frustrated indignance and read it again to be sure and now it says

    Mega time 50 /weekday 1000 Eve & Wkend Unl. Inc. Calls

    ok, i must have been wearing only one pair of glasses at that time back in january, this settles why i ‘thought’ i had unlimited… fine print indeed.

    honestly, at normal arm distance from my eyes with 1.50 magnifiers on it looks like unlimited calls

    with 2 pairs of 1.50 magnfiers you can clearly see that what looked like unlimited was in fact short form for unlicenced incorporated…

    i was so happy with my phone i went back to rogers last february to get a sony ericsson pc300 card to connect to my new laptop. high speed access anywhere, have laptop will travel… i think i walked away happy again just to imagine being connected to the world, my own high speed finally…

    from day 1 it never really did work… it was so slow, i used to have dial up and this was slower than that, i couldn’t connect to anything, it said it was on but i only got 3 blue bars… too bad i’ve been trained to think everythings my fault, ive learned how to tweak my registry, i tried everything i could think of…for weeks and then it turned into monthes, but what i really wanted was to be able to take pics and put them on my lap top. so there is a something called a pc suite, it allows you to connect the computer to the phone, i loaded it up, it told me that they did not presently support vista, i went to microsoft… all this at that incredibly slow speed, sites continuously timed out on me… i tried again… microsoft has decided it said that with the new vista program they had just sold me they had decided they no longer support all the xp software, sorry cant help with the printer you bought, nope, not the phone either…

    so, determined as i am, i tried yet again and suddenly, weeks and weeks later, a thing came up on the ericsson site that an update was available, would i like it… yes yes yes

    suddenly my internet was working…bang…3 huge programs in an hour or so.. i couldnt believe it…i could finish ‘all’ my projects now…id fixed it …he he.

    next time i rebooted, the old connection came up again, same slow speed, same time outs …forget u-toob…

    i only tell that last bit because this was when i first met the call in help system at rogers. they don’t support vista either. let me send you to another department, i wanted to know why my internet worked sometimes and not others… let me send you to another department

    all my projects are done and its time to do the paperwork. the other day i gathered my rogers bills and saw that each month they been vacuuming out $126…then $145..$200..what??? then my last bill… $5465… what????

    ok, just for a second i want to say something, i typed in antirogers instead of ihaterogers…cause i wanted to find others who had rogers probs…and just reading your blogs above helped me sort some stuff out. on the one hand i was furious, on the other hand i have been on the help lines with the nicest bunch of techs and account and service voices i could ever want to meet…and they every one were helpful…

    it appears that ‘when it was working good’ it was also connecting through my phone. charging 5c a kb

    my cell phone seems to connect to the tower a few miles away.

    my pc card however, they do not have the service i am trying to connect to in my area…it never was in my area, they dont have any plans to ever provide that service in my area, and when it says 94 % of canada is being served i am not in that area either. nothing i ever tried could possibly have worked. i didnt have a chance. the rogers store where i bought the card said i was past my 30 days
    no refund.

    internet connection speedometer says i am getting 20 kb service

    ive already paid the long distance calls and for the service i never received via my credit card.

    last night they said they would give me a free month internet…

    i said…you sell me a phone…and you give me a software program that doesnt work with my operating system, sone ericsson has a driver that you connect to with your rogers pc suite comes with the phone…it seems like rogers is phoning rogers and charging me for an update…pretty big charges too… they finally reversed that charge.

    anyway, thanks for being here, it feels better and a lot of steam has blown off through the evening…

    they have cancelled my internet wireless account. it will take 30 days…thats their policy…they have already cashed in this last bill.

    i will receive one more for my last bill…for the service for one more month that i have never been able to enjoy…

    and after being switched to another department… after the music…i can cancel my phone after i pay all my long distance charges and one more charge of 400 dollars…

    i said i feel like i have been beaten up…real bad

    now your saying…

    two more punches.

    and they are saying…are you ready…


    this is not our fault you understand…you signed up with us…

    we have a 3 year plan you signed and if you put on your second pair of glasses you will see what it really says…

    its not our fault we dont deliver to your area and it took us 4 monthes to find out what your problem was…

    yes yes, i understand that… i meant no wait… im not ready for two more punches…

    at my most exasperated moment, i had just explained it all again the the dozenth person with my name number post code…and i heard people laughing in the rogers room…

    are they laughing at me i asked… they had me on speaker phone too i think.

    they have the access to the internet…im picturing two phones in their office… one has slow connect…the other has real expensive connect…they both plug into the same jack…they are laughing because i phoned the other one…

    ok, here they come they said…you are agreeing to one more month bill and a 400 dollar fine…

    tell me again about if i pay 20 dollars and another seven more a month…

    i guess i negotiated pretty smoothly…i am no longer asking for my money back for the service that was never delivered…they are not going to ruin my savings account, they already vacuumed my account so all my bills are presently paid and they are happy…, i get to keep this useless pc300 card that was the same price as its name in my sock drawer, i get to keep my phone and i have a package now that i can call anywhere anytime… no more long distance charges…for only 27 plus tax extra dollars more on my cell phone service package than before… for what i thought i had in the first place.

    the difference was the feeling when i first got the phone and card…bouncing lightly out of the store.. happy

    to feeling grateful tonight they arent going to deliver that final punch.

  • Alec May 15, 2008, 2:09 am

    Sven – you have my sympathies. I've learned the hard way with all phone companies (not just Rogers, I'm afraid) that you have to read the fine print on that contract really really really carefully. You have to contest the bill if you don't see what you think you should see. And you have to fight hard if you think you're being mistreated.

    I'd trying to reach some of the people at this site: http://your.rogers.com/aboutrogers/newsroom/wirel

  • sven May 15, 2008, 9:23 am

    the more i think about it the more involved i become with the prob. thanks for even being here alec.

    i'm more of an artist than a boxer so i almost never 'step in the ring' so to speak. i just imagined myself walking towards that little stool they put in the corner, i didn't actually 'hear' a bell but the other guy stopped hitting me for a while her and im collapsing in that stool. your like my coach and your squirting water on my face from one of those little plastic squeeze bottles with a straw on the lid… like in the rocky movies.

    i couldn't sleep last night so i kept thinking how nice everyone on the phone had been. they all eventually understood what i was complaining about and i think i learned something i needed to know from each one. one fella guided me through what a sim card is, how to get it out put it back in, go to command prompt, clear my cache, click click 15 minutes he had me reconnected with new hardware, the new pc300 they had sent me to try… it wouldn't work for him either.

    hey! i bet i got to actually talk to the 400 dollar guy.

    i realize now that i 'drove up to the city' to get the 'good stuff"

    you had to go not into town, but into the city to get the good stuff, everyone out here knows that.

    they didn't sell pc cards at the local outlet. so i went up to the city to get one.

    in effect, i drove from an area of no service, hence no availability at outlet…to an area of availability

    we often cause our own grief.

    i was pretty upset last night, when i read my blog this morning i checked again, it was only a bill for $4683. i have no idea why i typed $5465 ; i just hope it wasn't a tendency i have to make things seem worse than they are. and in retro i realize they finally did reverse the charges on that incident.

    so i'm here on my stool, end of round one, i want to tell you how good they have actually been to me. in the end we all found out at the same there is no service here…

    that was the problem, they did send me a second pc card to try, in fact i have two good working pc cards, in my sock drawer…. no connection

    except this one i'm pirating right now.

    and i hear you too. ok, thanks for the link, i don't see an e-mail me link there…

    looks like i can get bios for the coo, two presidents…

    ok, thanks…wait, customer service, alright!…heres a number to call.

    could i please speak to mister nadir…

    voice: i can understand many things please tell me what department i can connect you to to serve you best…

    uh..is rob there…ed, eddy??…

    … is bob in a meeting too…

    and i can hear your voice alec… ok kid…you know what the tough do when the going gets rough… ya ready???…

    no wait!!!


  • Jude June 16, 2008, 9:12 pm

    I am reading all of these emails feeling somewhat better that I am not alone and somewhat more furious as there seems like there is nothing to be done.

    For the 4th time I have received a rather large bill that states my data usage was over the allowed amount. Like the previous writers I thought I had an unlimited account. In fact I have been assured of this on 3 or 4 different occasions by various reps, techies, customer service people etc.

    I deleted my email account but now I am nervous that the bills will keep coming anyway. How do I put a stop to this?

  • Alec June 17, 2008, 2:53 am


    What I've found to be most effective is to simply continue talking to them. Talk to a supervisor if the rep can't help you. And write to management. I got a a $1200 refund from AT&T by doing this, and a $100 refund from Rogers. Plus I've had Rogers knock my bill down.

    The other thing I do is I call Rogers pretty religiously and ask about all the plans. It consumes my time and the CSR's time, but it seems to be effective. See: http://saunderslog.com/2008/06/04/rogers-vision-s

  • Albert June 25, 2008, 9:00 am

    I know this is an old post, but I was just thinking about the "Unlimited Data" that Rogers used to advertise. I just realized that what they really meant to say is "Unlimited charge to the custer data", or perhaps you coudl also interpret it as "unlimited data to your device as long as you pay for all of it"

  • i feel u July 17, 2008, 5:11 am

    yeah guys i feel all your pain. for the 2nd month in a row i open my internet and im greeted with "An important message about your Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Service ". i already knew what it was gonna say, ive reached 75% of my 60 gb monthly usage allowance. monthly allowance? you mean monthly limit? oh ok, so my unlimited access is actually VERY limited, thats great. i dont know about others but i use my internet for more than just emailing and msning, i play online games and i download lots of movies and tv shows, and now im being told that i can only play and watch a certain amount. all i know is this is bullshit. if it comes to the point where i am being charged extra for so called unlimited service i will not only boycott rogers but i will carry out a personal attack of sorts, by prank calling the shit out of their customer service people. and on a somewhat related note, any toronto blue jays fans out there, sink your teeth into this…….ted rogers owns the jays, he also owns rogers and everything they own. george steinbrenner owns the yankees (highest paid team in baseball) and nothing else. how is it that the donald trump of canada is only able to spend $90 million and some regular guy who likes baseball can afford to spend 200+ million? because he has no interest in the game. he doesnt care if we win or lose, he cares if we sell tickets and merchandise. he doesnt understand that if we paid to get good players we would have people coming to see them and we would have people buying their jerseys and whatnot. thats pointless to him. sure he could put an extra 50-80 million if he wanted to and sign a bunh of good players, but its easier for him to never worry about it. so he just tells his cronies that there is a certain number the teams expenses can not exceed. if any jays fans are wondering whether or not were gonna make some big trades or make a serious offseason acquisition, we wont. because it will cost teddy boy too much money, even tho he is taking some from me right now while i write this. anyways people i know i went off topic but fuck rogers is the bottom line.

  • sven December 22, 2008, 3:42 pm

    whoo boy. i had forgotten this site. i payed my bill. the very next day i received another bill on my telephone bill for the internet service for 400 dollars. i had called them to tell them i still had 2 data cards, they had told me the one i bought in january was past thirty days, it is not their problem if it took me longer than the thirty days to realize my problem was insolvable, no refund after 30 days, its a company policy. i had called them and they had advised me to go to the couriers and ship the goods to them. i could not find the grey shipping envelope they had told me to sent it in, the courier said they needed an order number… i remember not being able to do anything about it and forgot to follow up. i paid my phone bill, some 200 dollars, then the very next day received a bill for 400 dollars for the data card they had sent me, another card that couldn't connect to their system… i was furious

    i wrote them and told them no more bills…ever!

    i decided to put a stop to my relationship with rogers billing services

    they sent me my final bill for the 550 dollar penalty for breaking contract.

    i explained i had no intention of ever paying them anything ever again.

    they said they would submit my account to a collection agency

    i explained that this is exactly what i have come to expect from them

    they would hurt me and hurt and penalize and bill and bill and bill, and they can't stop…

    they said they would ruin my credit rating…

    i said i had come to realize that is the nature of our interaction and that is the exact relationship i had decided to end.

    they said the bills for my phone had no relation to my data card, and i was liable for the service fees to end accounts.

    i said the bill for the data card and the bill for the phone come in the same box… they explained this is their company policy…

    i explained that not only did i not intend to pay that final penalty but i also would not continue to pay for a service that does not deliver the service i need… and my company policy is to cancel business when the service they provide outrages me.

    i said i want my day in court, i want to explain all this in detail to a judge and jury and would follow their decision

    i must have sounded pretty stupid… they explained that wouldn't happen, they just file against me and i get another bill…

    the credit agency called my sister…now she i calling me…

    they are welcome to come over…i would love to discuss this

  • Steve January 7, 2009, 12:32 pm

    To all who have a complaint about Rogers or any other carrier, file a complaint with the CCTS at http://www.ccts-cprst.ca.

    I have the same problem with Bell and their "unlimited data plan". I am in the process of demanding all the money I paid back for a plan that I was not receiving. Unlimited means no limits or restrictions and if they set any kind of limits or restrictions, then they are engaging in deceptive, misleading and fraudulent business practices no matter what their terms of service say or their sleazy lawyers try to redefine the word "unlimited".

    If the CCTS commissioner is unable to get me what I want, then I am resorting to a lawsuit to get complaint resolved. I am going to fight for my rights against these arrogant bastards.

    Anyone want to join a class action lawsuit?

  • Sonja Sontag February 17, 2009, 12:48 am

    Well, here in Australia we are also being rorted by our broadband provider. Telstra's interpretation of unlimited is a limit of 12GBs. I'm just writing to our Ombudsman after being charged an additional usage charge of $222.09. What a rip-off!

  • Buy or Sell Used Car June 14, 2009, 5:56 am

    Yes its the same in oz, i know of someone that works for Telstra, and the consultants will sell you 200, 400mb, 600mb and 1gb packages which are all charged at 0.25/mb which is quite costly if you go over say 200mb.

    however these are the cheapest plans, and the sales guys will pitch those plans, otherwise customers wont sign up, thats because other companies have them cheaper.

    However I do know that emails are sent to users when they exceed 70%, so those that are going over arent checking their emails often.

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