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Don’t Bother Sucking Up to Me, Guy

Guy Kawasaki has a lengthy post about how to suck up to bloggers.  As usual, Guy has a few great points.  Like the fact that blogging is turning journalism on its head.  The best journalists, like Om Malik, are also bloggers.  Blogging defines the story today, not the previous generation of PR pro’s pitching the media. 

Don’t follow all of Guy’s advice, though.  Especially when it comes to befriending bloggers.

  • Om Malik: if you do any thing Guy suggests, then you be dead to me.
  • Michael Arrington: Friends should be to make your life richer, not assets to be leveraged.
  • Alec Saunders: I’m running a startup.  I don’t have time for superificial behaviour.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?  Aren’t most bloggers dilettante’s with something else they do to pay the bills?  Isn’t the promise of blogging that citizen journalists – narrow experts with real world experience – have a forum to be heard?

Figure out what we have in common.  Then let’s have a glass of wine and discuss it.  That’s how friendships are made.

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