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Pulver Announces IPeerX

Jeff Pulver announced a very cool spin-out from the FWD family today, IPeerX.  IPeerX is a peering exchange with 139 carriers all participating.  The services they offer include:

  • PSTN By-Pass
    • Complete IP to IP calls without transiting the legacy PSTN and paying competitors for use of their network
  • Frictionless Peering
    • Peer with other VoIP providers with security and without extensive setup, expensive hardware, or fixed facilities
  • Directory Listings
    • Get your E.164 numbers listed on major Directory Assistance Listing Databases Worldwide through our exclusive agreement with one of the world’s largest listing agencies
  • Non-SIP & Non-Standard SIP Protocol Conversions
    • Organizations that have varying VoIP protocols can take full advantage of IPeerX Interconnection
  • Constant Network Monitoring
    • IPeerX continuously monitors all possible routes for connectivity and call quality. Use these reports to improve your service and manage your network.
  • Rules Based Routing
    • Set thresholds for price and quality and IPeerX will complete only those calls which meet your criteria
  • Clearing and Settlements
    • Set prices on services (e.g. PSTN Termination, multi-media calls, translation, etc) and be paid for them

Many have been predicting that this will be a big year for peering.  When initiatives like IPeerX come along, it’s easy to become a believer.

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