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Gizmo Update Solves Problem

About a month ago I was forced to stop using my favorite softphone, Gizmo Project, for most of my calling.  It had a nasty bug in it which caused it to consume close to 100% of my CPU resources whenever a network change occurred –> dropped by a flaky wifi signal, or setup / teardown a VPN connection, for instance.  This morning, I got the latest Gizmo update, and the problem is solved!  Congrats to Jason Droege and his team at SipPhone.

And congrats are also in order to Michael Robertson.  SipPhone just landed $6,000,000 in investment, and added Ed Sim of DawnTreader investments to their board.  Way to go! 

Ed explains on his blog that they invested because of their belief in open standards, the SipPhone frictionless business model, and Michael and Jason’s management.  Om Malik further adds that Michael Robertson told him the company is expanding it’s focus to include WiFi and Mobile.  And Andy Abramson adds some more details of how that will work, based on his experience working with Bridgeport. 

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