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It’s done!

Wow! That was an adrenaline rush.

The iotum Demo is done. It wasn’t as flawless as in practice, but I think we got our points across. The speech worked well, and the demo worked (mostly) well. Our demo shows the use of iotum to filter, manage and prioritize calls in a number of situations, including conference calling. And it was the conference calling portion of the demo where the glitch occurred. A minor usability problem caused most of the conference call attendees to be left out of the call. In fact, just two people participated in the call instead of the 10 we had planned for. The good news is that the conference call feature worked and has has been working flawlessly in the pavilion for the last two days. Now that we know about the problem, we can fix it for the next release. It was disappointing, though, that we found out in such a public setting.

That’s DEMO!

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